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Professional Basketball Player

I’ve been a Professional Basketball Player since 2008.  I've played at the High School and Collegiate level. Overseas, I've accomplished many great things, from All-American, to MVP of Africa (2x), and multiple championships. I believe sports transcend from the court into life. By using lessons I've learned through my experiences, I facilitate self-growth and help youth achieve their goals through basketball fundamentals.



Experienced Coach & Former Professional Player

My goal at Game Time Sports is to instill confindence in our youth by developing the correct skills and experiences through the sport of basketball to better themselves through their lives. My  personal experience includes 4 years of High School and 3 years on the Collegiate level in America. I was then fortunate enough to play as a professional and national player overseas for 6 years. I am also a former assistant coach at NYUAD.


Assistant Coach

Adrian Mudaliar

I have experience playing basketball at the high school and collegiate level in the U.A.E. where we won a championship. Basketball is a sport where one can develop skills that are beneficial on and off the court.  With the skills that I've been able to cultivate playing basketball, I can guide younger players to see that basketball is more than just a game!

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